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I believe that learning and training are the biggest challenges facing the aspiring Saudi youth. I also believe that high quality training that is based on the needs of the labor market is what the various industrial sectors are currently seeking.

As a non-profit organization, the Riyadh Polytechnic Institute provides efficient training and serious employment opportunities for Saudi youth. The Riyadh Polytechnic Institute provides, in collaboration with its partners, high quality training opportunities which guarantee a promising future and exclusive job offers for Saudi youth.

As a result of my education within and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and based on my experience of twenty-two years in the education and training sectors, I can safely say that the Riyadh Polytechnic Institute is designed specifically and in an unprecedented way to meet the rapid changes of our current era. In fact, we studied the long term employment needs of the local labor market, and we accordingly hired the best international expertise to build, design and implement the training programs and curricula that best satisfy the above needs.

Riyadh Polytechnic Institute's curricula and policies provide a futuristic view that is consonant with the industrial and business world; in fact English is the official language of the institute and special emphasis is put on Computing skills, on Occupational Health and Safety, on Mathematics and on Study Skills ( a course that emphasizes discipline and a responsible way of life).

I am very confident that the Riyadh Polytechnic Institute provides the potential that bolsters advancement, helps face all the challenges and helps keep up with the labor market needs, while maintaining the highest levels of professionalism and competence.

God Bless you All
Ahmad Ibrahim Al Bakri
Executive Director
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Riyadh Polytechnic Institute (RPI) is a joint venture between TVTC & Obeikan Investment Group (OIG), which creates career opportunities for Saudi Nationals.

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