RPI Features
1 - The trainees appointed at one of our partners' companies and covered with medical and GOSI insurance started form the first day of joining the Institute.
2 - Required majors in the labor market.
3 - During the training period the trainee receives a monthly salary of 1500 SR.
5 - After graduation the salaries will be starting from 5000 to 10000 SR.
6 - Most companies provide an internal and external training programs for trainees after graduation.

Administration Requirements
1 - Not employed by either public or private sectors.
2 - Have a high school with GPA of 70% or above.
3 - The high school certificate must be less than five years since the graduation's date.
4 - The applicant's age must not exceed 23 years.
5 - Scoring 60 in Qudrat or above.
6 - Passing the personal interview.
7 - Passing the physical examination.

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Riyadh Polytechnic Institute (RPI) is a joint venture between TVTC & Obeikan Investment Group (OIG), which creates career opportunities for Saudi Nationals.

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